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Using Statement of Purpose Sample Correctly

In this section, we would like to provide you with a sample statement of purpose for your reference. We know that individuals usually search for statement of purpose samples online and find hundred of links offering them. But how do these sources help you to write your personal statement? Every single sample of a statement of purpose can be completely different depending on the particular program you are applying to, so how can they really help you?

It is all a matter of understanding what you want to try and knowing the proper, expected format of your personal statement. However, there is no definitive format for your SOP and there can also be no right or wrong content when writing it. What matters is coherance, relevance, conciseness and effectiveness! At the same time, any statement of purpose should be a highly personal essay about yourself and your career goals.

Sample of Statement of Purpose for Mathematics Bachelor’s Degree Education

Twelve: the number of college applications I submitted this semester.


Three: the number of responses I am hoping to receive.
Forty-seven: the approximate number of times that my mother has called me, crying, begging me not to consider a school in a different part of the country and leave her.

You see, my family has lived a in a dynamic, constantly perpetual state. We have followed my father’s Army career all around the country. We were rarely in one place long enough to leave a mark. There were no handprints on the walls of our home. We rarely bothered to hang pictures most of the time. Wherever we were – whether we loved it or hated it – we knew it was only temporary.

When you live a life like mine, you always need to find your own constant. You need something to ground you, to keep you whole, no matter where life takes you. I have always been my mom’s home base, her North Star – her one true purpose amidst a world of turmoil and change. While my mom turned to me for comfort, I turned to numbers.

The beautiful thing about numbers is that numbers do not change. One plus one will always equal two, whether you are in California or New York. Many times it would happen that I would start a new school year in Tacoma, Washington, and finish in Picatinny, New Jersey. My eighth grade English class would be halfway through The Great Gatsby when I left and I would suddenly join a new English class that was three-quarters of the way through The Odyssey. Catching up with The Odyssey was impossible at best. In math, however, there was no catching up. Whether it was fractions, bell curves or algebra I always kept up with all the other students. I fell in love with mathematics at an early age.

I thank my pre-algebra teacher, Mr. Dunn, for encouraging me to pursue my education in mathematics. Where others saw a gawky kid, too tall for his age, with a strange accent and the “wrong” clothes, Mr. Dunn saw potential and dedication. He made sure that I saw it within myself as well and encouraged me constantly. He became a trusted friend. He was a mentor who not only taught me new skills, but who encouraged me to join in with other students, to participate in a math league and the debate team and to share my passion for numbers and math. I want to attend college and pursue my education in mathematics in hopes that someday I can make an impact on a young teenager’s life. My goal after obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in mathematics is not only to teach my future students about math, but also about life. I want to share my love for this amazing subject with students who have a passion and zest for mathematics, as I do.

Samples of Statement of Purpose

Below are some statement of purpose samples that include examples of what to write as well as what not to write so that you can see the difference for yourself. A statement of purpose sample is only useful if you know what makes it good and what you should avoid.

  • The use of Clichés The selection committee will be reviewing possibly hundreds of statements to fill in only a few places. After they have read “I have always wanted to be a nurse as I like to help people” over and over again (or something of the same nature) they will will automatically place those statements aside. Show why you want to be a nurse or engineer or train driver! “I watched carefully as the nurse tended to my mother. Despite how my ill my mother felt, the nurse managed to get her to smile and..” Catch the reader’s attention and show why you want to follow this career path.
  • Be very specific During my time volunteering at the care home I learned a huge amount and it has inspired me to learn even more.” What did you learn? How did you learn it? Do not provide only some generalized statement. You must show exactly what you learned and how: “I carefully observed how the other nurses spoke to the more difficult patients and learned how to talk with them in a way that they responded favorably to.” Now they know that you know the value of communication and that you have the potential to learn and absorb even more knowledge.
  • Communicate modestly! Do not show off your skills with a thesaurus Too many students think that by using a thesaurus to choose “fancy” words they can increase their chances of success. Often the opposite is true: speak simply and use the right and “relevant” words for what you want to say rather than describe something obscurely such as “I like to elucidate through the use of..” If you are able to make things clear say so.
  • Proofread your work very carefully  Whilst traveling too the opposite side of the camppus..” No matter how good a writer you may not catch a simple mistake and it happens all to often to the best of us. Get someone else to read your work for you and proofread several times. If you have not taken the time to ensure your statement is correct what does it say about your desire to attend their school?

SoP Template

I. Introduction

A. Introduce who you are as a person and a student.Tell the reader where you are going to school, what you are studying in

B. State the goals of your essay. Highlight the purpose of your statement in a clear and coherent manner and tell the reader what you are trying to accomplish with this essay. (i.e. showing the admissions board why you are the perfect fit for their school)

II. Highlight Your Goals and Discuss Your Future

A. State what your goals are for your post-undergraduate academic career:

1. Why you are attending graduate school.

2. The area of study you are looking to specialize in.

3. Why you have chosen that area of study.

B. Highlight your future professional goals and plans:

1. What you hope your graduate degree will help you do.

2. Your long term professional plans.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin

3. How graduate studies will help you reach your goals.

C. Discuss how you have been working towards this future so far:

1. Highlight your academic background and what you have been doing to prepare yourself to reach your academic and professional goals (i.e. classes you have taken)

2. Discuss the extra-curricular activities you have been doing to help you reach your goals (i.e. research projects, independent study and internships)

III. Explain Extra Achievements and Past Special Conditions

A. Explain past achievements such as awards or jobs you have done in the past that show who you are as a person and as a student.

B. Do not be modest and highlight anything impressive you have done that can relate to who you are as a person or your future success as a graduate student, that is not in your resume or application.

C. Explain problems or inconsistencies in your records.

1. Do not make excuses but explain in a positive manner things like bad semesters or poor grades.

2. Include experiences such as heavy 35 hour a week workloads on top of your academic schedule.

IV. Relate How You Fit into the Program

A. Show that you have researched the school and that you know the goals of the program you are applying to.

B. Explain what has drawn you to the program and why you are applying.

C. Relate the research you have done on the school to your own goals and experiences showing why you would be the ideal fit for the program.

D. Relay not only what the school can do for you but what you can do for the school.

V. Powerful Closing

A.Finish your statement of purpose by reiterating the purpose of your essay as you explained in your introduction.

B. Finish the essay on a powerful note that will leave the admissions board with the idea that you should be accepted into their program.

We Can Write You a Perfect Statement of Purpose

If you have looked at each statement of purpose sample that we provided and are still having problems, our highly professional service will be able to write and provide a statement of purpose for your needs. We provide you with a full satisfaction guarantee and check every statement for plagiarism. You know that by choosing us you will have the best chance of being accepted!